Friday, July 16, 2021

De Kvite Kyrkjene

De Kvite Kyrkjene is a small pilgrim path of about 90km in Telemark that goes around the Tinnsjø lake visiting six white churches on its way: Atrå, Dal, Gransherad, Austbygde, Hovin and Mæl. The pilgrim path runs on partly ancient paths or forest paths and rarely on asphalt.

In the summer of 2021, I found my way to the church at Gransherad to begin my pilgrimage of the white churches around Tinnsjø. Here you will find my tale:

Day 1 (12.07): Gransherad - Tinnoset
Day 1 (12.07): Krosshøl - Bråtadokktjønn
Day 3 (14.07): Buverudåsen - Rjukan
Day 4 (15.07): Gaustatoppen

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