Thursday, September 13, 2012


Day of rest and no particular plans, so I sleep late. Somewhere in the back of my head there is a small thought of going up to Monte d'Oro and back to l'Onda again, I leave the thought alone.

The Hôtel I Laricci in Vizzavona.

It's quiet outside, as opposed to yesterday evening. I decide to go for a leisurely walk up to the Cascades des Anglais. The ponds and the waterfalls are still there. Corsican fairies are still trying to seduce me out into the water, but I'm not lured out into the water today either. The night in a good and warm bed did me good, but the cold hasn't quite let go yet.

Cascades des Anglais.

I'm more relaxed now and enjoy the view of the river more than yesterday. On the way upwards I pass several other walkers on their way from l'Onda. The sun twinkles in the clear water. I go almost up as far as the bridge that goes over the river that runs through the Cascades des Anglais, l'Agnone Ruisseau. I still wonder where the Bergeries de Porteto is, I couldn't find it yesterday either.

Waterfall in the Cascades des Anglais with Punta del Ceppo in the background.

I repeat myself and take another beer and something to eat at the bar by the bottom of the waterfalls. It's many people here today also. Afterwards I take the forest road that goes towards Hôtel Monte d'Oro. There is some sort of a parkour park besides the road, a group is on their way up into one of the routes. The hotel is a cozy building almost entwined with plants, which almost gives it a kind of haunted house look.

The waterfalls haven't got their name just by being a waterfall.

Vizzavona is sort of the midpoint between the north and the south; it's also a hub between several buses and the train that slowly goes by between Ajaccio and Bastia. A little bit of a weird place actually. A lot of houses looks like they've been abandoned, possible a place where people has a summerhouse of a sort.

Hôtel Monte d'Oro.

In the evening I meet again Matthew, Andrew and Paul, the tree boys from England I'd met earlier. They told me that their last two nights had been quite intense. Paul had woken up in the middle of the night by a tent landing on top of his own tent. Heavy wind and a lot of rain had made the nights strenuous for the people at Petra Piana and l'Onda. It has later come to my ear that there was one guy that had been thrown around with his tent at Petra Piana, just close by a cliff. At the bottom of the cliff were a lot of tents that had blown over the edge during the night.

The ruins of the Grand Hôtel de la Forêt.

The English boys had taken the path that goes over Monte d'Oro and had a fantastic view from the summit. I start to regret that I didn't do it. Going to bed in the evening I decide to change my plan, I will make my path up to 1469 meters above Vizzavona tomorrow.

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