Thursday, August 3, 2017

Sunrise at Fannaråken

Massiv day 16.
Distance: 0km (325.2km), time spent: 0:00 (126:47).
Ascent / descent: 0m (11161m) / 0m (10091m).
Altitude (start / end / highest): 2068m / 2068m / 2068m.
Weather: Almost clear blue sky, sunrise, some clouds.

I wake up about half past three in the morning, at random, and takes a quick look out of the window from where I sleep. Where a fairytale world is revealed. Outside it is the blue hour before the sun rises, almost no clouds in the sky and the peaks around Fannaråken are rising majestically towards the sky. I just have to go out. Everybody else is sleeping. I consider waking them up, telling them that they must not miss out on this, that this is something they really should see. Outside it is quiet. And it is absolutely fantastic.

A clear and chilly morning air greets me when I walk out of the door. The stones around the cabin are slippery, the morning frost has created a thin layer of ice on the surface. Around the peak, the world is sleeping. Hurrungane with Storen (the third highest peak in Norway) are rising up to the south of me, I could barely see them yesterday. I stay outside a long time admiring the view before I go inside again and sleep some more until sunrise.

When I wake up again to see the sunrise, there are more clouds on the sky, but there still is a wonderful view over the mountains. The sky has assumed a more red colour. The sun is moving.

And what a sunrise it is, it is like a volcano that erupts into a sea of flames. Alongside the edge of all the clouds in the horizon there is a reddish shine underneath. I was first alone outside the cabin, but later there are also some few others that has gone out, but most of the others are witnessing the sunrise from the cabin. It is nothing but wonderful. I had not believed this when I walked up here yesterday. I am not going to write any more, just let you see the pictures from the sunrise at Fannaråken.

When I woke up at the usual time again, the peak was immersed by the clouds again, back to normal.

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