GR1 - Sendero Histórico

The GR1 - Sendero Histórico is an about 1250km long trail that crosses the northern part of Spain just to the South of the Pyrenees. The trail starts from Puerto de Tarna in the Picos de Europa and ends at the shores of the Mediterranean in Sant Martí d'Empúries. Originally envisioned as a coast to coast walk of Spain, but Asturias and Galicia did not join into the vision since they already had enough routes to administer (it is still fully possible to undertake such a journey, by connecting some small local routes between Oviedo and Puerto de Tarna to the Sendero Histórico and the Camino Primitivo and Finisterre).

Hiking on the trail, you will be brought along the history of Spain from Roman times through the Middle Ages to the civil war. The trail takes you past abandoned villages, desolate areas where remnants of history can be seen in the many castles, forts, ruins, villages and churches you pass by. As well as walking beneath the shadow of the towering Pyrenees to the North with its majestic mountains. In the fall of 2016 I travelled to Spain to walk the among the ghosts on the GR1 Sendero Histórico trail, this is my story from it.

Day    2 (10.09):Collado del Pando - Besande
Day    3 (11.09):Besande - Col Alto de la Varga
Day    4 (12.09):Col Alto de la Varga - Estalaya
Day    5 (13.09):Estalaya - Brañosera
Day    6 (14.09):Brañosera - Reinosa
Day    7 (15.09):Reinosa - Corconte
Day    8 (16.09):Corconte - Pedrosa de Valdeporres
Day    9 (17.09):Pedrosa de Valdeporres - Salazar
Day  10 (18.09):Salazar - Návagos
Day  11 (19.09):Návagos - Bóveda
Day  12 (20.09):Bóveda - Tuesta
Day  13 (21.09):Tuesta - Armiñón
Day  14 (22.09):Armiñón - Alto de Molino
Day  15 (23.09):Alto de Molino - Bernedo
Day  18 (26.09):Los Arcos - Larraga
Day  19 (27.09):Larraga - Olite
Day  20 (28.09):Olite
Day  21 (29.09):Olite - Gallipienzo Antiguo
Day  25 (03.10):Murillo de Gállego - Loarre
Day  25 (03.10):Castillo de Loarre
Day  26 (04.10):Loarre - Bolea
Day  26 (04.10):Ermita de San Cristóbal
Day  27 (05.10):Bolea - Embalse de Arguis
Day  28 (06.10):Embalse de Arguis - Nocito
Day  29 (07.10):Nocito - Paúles de Sarsa
Day  32 (10.10):Salinas de Trillo - Graus
Day  33 (11.10):Graus - Lascuarre
Day  34 (12.10):Lascuarre - Castigaleu
Day  34 (12.10):Torre de los Moros
Day  36 (14.10):Puente de Montañana - Àger
Day  37 (15.10):Àger - Hostal Roig
Day  38 (16.10):Hostal Roig - Massanès
Day  39 (17.10):Massanés - Cambrils
Day  43 (21.10):Gironella - Lluçà
Day  44 (22.10):Lluçà - Ripoll
Day  47 (25.10):Oix - Besalú
Day  48 (26.10):Besalú - Orriols


  1. Hi,
    In April May I want to walk a part of the gr1. I only have 10-11 days. Which part would you recommend?

    1. Hi Elke,
      I found the first days to be the best when it comes to scenery, the Picos de Europa are wonderful.
      But what I liked the most about the GR1 was to visit and see the abandonded villages, as well as all the old castles and fortresses you pass by.
      So, I would recommend you to either start from Sos del Rey Catolico or Murillo de Gallego. Depending on how fast you walk, you may be able to reach Graus (which is a good place to stop in terms of transportation) from Sos. If that feels too ambitious, Murillo de Gallego is probably a better starting point. This is the section that contains most of the abandoned villages, and the landscape is beautiful too (in clear days you will get great views of the Pyrenees).


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