Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Torre de los Moros

GR1 Sendero Historico day 34.
Distance: 4.1km (991.4km), time spent: 1:14.
Weather: A lot of rain.

Situated just outside Lascuarre is the Torre de los Moros, the remnants of an old Moorish tower, although it has been contested that it was the moors that raised it. Both the weather, is has poured down in the last hours, and the fact that I originally had determined to have a shorter day, should imply that I took the rest of the afternoon and evening ’off’. I did not, instead, I set out in the rain after coming back from Graus with Oscar, to find even more remains of old castles.

A bleak farm landscape on the way to Torre de los Moros from Lascuarre.

In a small clearing in the woods you find the remains of the old tower.

The path is muddy and wet, treacherous, over the landscape there is not much joy to be found in the sky. Clouds wears and tears through the trees. Personally, I am glad that I did not have to walk in this weather when I walked to Luzás and Castigaleu earlier today. Luckily is the route to Torre de los Moros better marked. It is possible to do a roundtrip, by following a marked route further from the tower, but I limit myself to go to the tower, that is enough for today.

Inside the tower, a modern construction is installed to support the tower and visitors.

View from the top of the tower towards Lascuarre.

Through the trees, the tower emerges. In its present form, the tower barely reaches above the trees, but the history behind it probably reaches higher. Built either in the 15th. or 16th. century. The tower stands in the middle of a clearing between the trees, with one entrance in to it. Except the remains of an old staircase, the windows and small loopholes in the walls the only things that otherwise remains of the tower (not counting the walls). Inside the tower it is built a modern construction that functions both as support to the tower and a staircase and platform that you can stand and look out across the valley of Isábena.

A grim view over the valley of Isábena in the direction of Graus.

Remains of an old staircase inside the tower.

The valley is permeated by rain, of the grey, sad and boring kind. There are not much visibility from Lascuarre to Graus, the farm landscape well wrapped inside the clouds. Luckily has the rain abated some when I am the tower, but warm it is not, quite gusty and sour. I wrap my jacket tighter around me, take yet another look across the sodden area and then walk back.

Torre de los Moros.

Bleak and gloomy hills.

The tower is probably quite lower than it once was, I can barely see it above me on the return trip. Closer to Lascuarre, the rain is again increasing, it has almost rained continuously. Back at the guesthouse, it is dripping good from me, a hot shower awaits me. A nice walk anyway.

The ruins of an old farmstead, the bell tower in Lascuarre is visible through the arches.


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