Thursday, June 13, 2013

Walton - Carlisle

Distance: 17,6km.

Today the trail is heading towards a larger town and to a more flat landscape. It is also the shortest stage on the walk. We're going to Carlisle and we're currently at Walton 17km away.

Sandysike Bunkhouse.

We wake up quite refreshed to a breakfast in the stately guesthouse. The weather is a dull grey outside when we start walking again. A farm landscape in the beginning, passing several farms and acres on our way. Cows and sheep are abundant as usual. From now on is neither the wall nor the remains of it visible anymore, but sometimes you can discern the contours of where the ditch has gone.

Bridge over Cam Beck.

Green meadows at Cambeckhill.

At Bleatarn we meet one of the enthusiasts that maintain the trail, well into cutting the grass so that the walkers can walk more easily. Something that has been quite visible on several parts on the trail. Next to one of the typical gates we have to pass is a box with a lid on top of it. When we open the lid a sort of self-serviced kiosk in a box is appearing, The Stall-on-the-Wall. As with The Haytongate Hut there is here also something to eat and drink for sale, payment by an honesty box. We meet again the maintenance guy on the other side of the field at Wall Head.

The trail goes through a verdant tunnel.

The fields and the meadows continue to be the background for the walk until we cross a larger road, a sign that we're approaching a larger place. Yet again we meet the enthusiast that moves from place to place on the trail and making sure the trail is presentable.

The Stall-on-the-Wall at Bleatarn. A small selection of refreshments and food for a tired walker where you pay in an honesty box.

The Stag Inn in Low Crosby becomes the scene of the crime for lunch and a beer. Afterwards it's time for another walk alongside a river again, and it is a river with the alluring name of Eden that the route selects to follow. We meet our friend again for the fourth and last time down by the river. The peaceful walk alongside the river is only interrupted by crossing something that is far away from the name of the river, the very scenic M6-motorway.

Bleatarn Park.

The Stag Inn in Low Crosby. The scene of the crime for an invasion by a walker on a hunt for a beer.

The wall is now completely out of sight, instead we're bemused by the quite curious houses we passes by at Rickerby, not the least by a tower that stands out in the middle of a field. Built by an enthusiast for towers and turrets called George Head Head in the nineteenth century. A house bears the words Study Quiet.

A walk alongside Eden.

The tower built by George Head Head standing out in the middle of a field.

Around us it soon gets apparent that we're soon arriving in the center of Carlisle, even though we wander alongside a river with flower on both our sides. More and more houses can be seen behind the trees. We walk through a small and dense green area and then we can stamp for the sixth time at Sands Centre, we're in Carlisle. It's time to play tourists after finishing the walk for today, a short and ok walk without the big highlights.

Carlisle Castle.

In Carlisle we split up, me to go look at the Carlisle Castle, while Alessandra goes to see the Tullin House museum. We meet afterwards to go to the guesthouse we're staying at in Carlisle, Cornerways Guesthouse. It's a sleepy afternoon in the town. We eat dinner at Davids Restaurant, where we're being served the best dinner during our walk. And quiet flows the Eden.

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