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Slettningsbu - Sløtatjernet

Massiv day 13.
Distance: 25.7km (291.6km), time spent: 10:04 (111:41).
Ascent / descent: 778m (9253m) / 765m (8909m).
Altitude (start / end / highest): 1312m / 1324m / 1342m.
Weather: Overcast, with erratic showers of rain.

From Slettningsbu, I followed Massiv to the next cabin on the trail, Fondsbu, but I did not stop for the night there. Even though I took a long break there. I continued instead further to a lake about an hour away from the DNT cabin, Sløtatjernet. Not the most exciting day on the hike, probably underlined by a somewhat boring weather. Mostly overcast with erratic rain showers.

Both sides of the valley, on the way down from Slettningsbu to the field of cabins between Torolmen and Tyin.

The start of the day quite resembled yesterday, from Slettningsbu the trail quickly descends to the valley below. The walk down was nice enough, but at the bottom of the valley, a downpour and a field with cabins waited for me, I had to change to my waterproofs in the shelter of a transformer shed. Walking through a cabin field is not the most rewarding on a mountain hike (although, there are nice mountains around). While I walk on the path next to the road going through the valley, cars are passing by over the wet tarmac with people looking weird at me (oddly enough) where I go.

A straight road on the Massiv, dark clouds and a walk through a cabin field.

I was yesterday unsure of what possibilities I had of camping next to Tyin, I did count on that it should be possible to put up my tent alongside the water somewhere, but I cannot say that it tempted me. The path next to Tyin is extremely wet and marshy. So much that I choose to walk on the rocks and what little there is of sand on the beach next to the lake instead when possible. It is flat, but even so, incredible cumbersome walking.

Grey water, grey sky, Tyin in grim colours.

The finest part of the walk comes when the trail moves away from Tyin and up towards Trollsjøen next to Fonnkloppeggi. I get a lot more feeling of mountains here than it has been so far today. It is good that there is a bridge over Breikvamsbekken, the water runs strongly in the river. When I stand and look down at Trollsjøen, I think that I probably would have reached walking there today, if I had set my mind to it. At the same time, I think that I am satified having spent the night at pleasant Slettningsbu.

Above Trollsjøen with Jotunheimen in front of me.

Next to the lake there is a small hut. In a sneakpeek through the window, I can see that it is a cosy hut, but one part of the hut is not finished. Strangely enough, I cannot see any door leading in to that part. Just after the hut, I have to cross a small river between the small waters next to Trollsjøen. I just make it across without having to take of my shoes.

A tiny glimpse of the existence of a blue sky behind all the clouds, hear alongside Trollsjøen.

I get company by a buzzard again on the last part along the lake. Loud howls from the wingspan sailing above me. Down a large rock, there is also a rope attached to make sure you do not fall, it is seldom that I meet that here in the mountains of Norway (I then speak about the usual hikes, not climbing). The stone might be slippery when it is rainy weather, but I think it would be no problem going down it now anyway (I still of course have to use the rope).

The heart of Jotunheimen is getting closer, view down towards Bygdin and the mountains behind, on the way to Fondsbu and Eidsbugarden.

The path after Trollsjøen brings you down to a gravel track going along the northside of Tyin (the road continues further up Koldedalen, giving you the possibility of skipping the walk to Fondsbu if you want to). It crosses yet another river with heavy flowing water in, before it comes to the paved road at Tyinholmen. In my mind, I see a lot of walking on a road on this part.

Stone statue of Aasmund Olavsson Vinje outside Eidsbugarden, the first cabin there was build by the poet and journalist.

That I fortunately does not have to do, since I find a path from Tyinholmen that leads you to the cabin field above Fondsbu and Eidsbugarden. From there however, you have to go down between the cabins and on a road to Fondsbu. There are siginificant more people that I meet here than I have met in a long time. Both access to the cabin by car and boat, easy to get there. Although, it is a lot quieter here now than it was for a couple of days ago, when the music festival Vinjerock shaked the foundations of Jotunheimen.

On the way up to Sløtafjellet with Bygdin, Fondsbu and Eidsbugarden below.

At Fondsbu, I take a long break. It is like being back on the Massiv last year. Where I walked to a staffed cabin and relaxed with some cold beers, before venturing out again to find a place to camp at. I eat some simple food and have a couple of beers, while I sit and listen to people around me in the lounge talk about today's and tomorrow's walks. But where the others are moving to the dinner table, I lift up my backpack again and walks up again along the road. To where the trail leaves the road and goes up towards Sløtafjellet. I meet some people on their way down.

My tent next to Sløtatjernet.

At Sløtatjernet, I put up the tent on what little space I can find. It is quite rocky next to the lake, but it is just space enough for my tent. Windy and cloudy, but otherwise no rain. A nice evening, where a lighter layer of clouds later leads to more colours on the sky above me, the mountains and lake. I prepare my homemade hiking dish and feel otherwise content enough with the day, despite not being the most exciting. Now I am for sure in Jotunheimen.

Preparing my homemade hiking dinner at Sløtatjernet.

For tomorrow I have already decided to walk to Skogadalsbøen, I really want to camp, but there is a reason why I choose to go there (I would have walked there anyway, the trail goes there, but my thought involves stopping there for the night as well). That reason can those who reads about my hike, get to read about later.

Map of the trail for the thirteenth day on Massiv, from Slettningsbu to Sløtatjernet.

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