Baekdudaegan (the great white ridge) is a 1700km long mountain ridge that runs along the entire length of the Korean peninsula. The unbroken mountain ridge is the watershed of Korea and it never crosses water. The ridge begins at Korea's most sacred mountain, Baekdusan (2750m), which is situated at the border between China and North-Korea and ends at Cheonwangbong in the Jirisan-mountains in South-Korea. The mountain ridge is a strong symbol of the identity and nationalism for the people of Korea, it is the spirtual backbone. The 735km long section of the ridge in South-Korea also hosts a long distance trail, called Baekdudaegan, starting at Cheonwangbong and ending at Jinburyeong. In the fall of 2014 I travelled to South-Korea to walk the mighty Baekdudaegan trail, this is my story from it.

Prologue  i (03.09):Jungsanri
Prologue ii (04.09):Jungsanri - Cheonwangbong
Day   1 (04.09):Cheonwangbong - Seseok
Day   2 (05.09):Seseok - Nogodan
Day   3 (06.09):Nogodan - Gogiri
Day   4 (07.09):Gogiri - Maeyori
Day   5 (08.09):Maeyori - Bokseongijae
Day   6 (09.09):Bokseongijae - Baegunsan
Day   7 (10.09):Baegunsan - Yuksipryeong
Day   8 (11.09):Yuksipryeong - Satgatgoljae
Day   9 (12.09):Satgatgoljae - Bbaejae
Day 10 (13.09):Bbaejae - Samdobong
Day 13 (16.09):Jakjeomjae - Keunjae
Day 14 (17.09):Keunjae - Jigijae
Day 15 (18.09):Jigijae - Hwaryeongjae
Day 16 (19.09):Hwaryeongjae - Piatjae
Day 17 (20.09):Piatjae - Neuljae
Day 18 (21.09):Neuljae - Beorimigijae
Day 19 (22.09):Beorimigijae - Eunti
Day 20 (23.09):Eunti - Ihwaryeong
Day 21 (24.09):Ihwaryeong - Mungyeongeup
Day 22 (25.09):Mungyeongeup
Day 23 (26.09):Mungyeongeup - Haneuljae
Day 24 (27.09):Haneuljae - Ansaengdal
Day 25 (28.09):Ansaengdal - Jeosuryeong
Day 26 (29.09):Jeosuryeong - Jukryeong
Day 27 (30.09):Jukryeong - Gochiryeong
Day 28 (01.10):Gochiryeong - Buseoksa
Day 29 (02.10):Buseoksa
Day 30 (03.10):Buseoksa - Doraegijae
Day 31 (04.10):Doraegijae - Hwabangjae
Day 32 (05.10):Hwabangjae - Pijae
Day 33 (06.10):Pijae - Daetjae
Day 34 (07.10):Daetjae - Samhwadong
Day 38 (11.10):Daegwanryeong - Noinbong
Day 39 (12.10):Noinbong - Guryongryeong
Day 40 (13.10):Myeonggaeri
Day 45 (18.10):Misiryeong - Jinburyeong
Epilogue (19.10):Jinburyeong


  1. Hi
    I would like to walk the Baekdu Daegan me too, this September coming and wonder for food and water.
    Was it easy to find?
    Thx for sharing your experience

    1. Hi Philippe,

      happy to hear that you want to walk the Baekdu Daegan, it's a wonderful hike.

      You will find the answers to your questions in the 'Baekdudaegan: Useful information' link above, as well as other information.

      But finding food and water on the trail is usually quite easy, you should not need to go more than three days without getting to a place that provides food.

      There are a lot of water sources along the trail, but there are some sections that has less water sources. I provide information about the most difficult section in the above link. The sources are marked on the Korean maps and in the guidebook also. Also, the water up in the mountains in Korea is usually safe to drink (normal caution applies, also look out for snakes when refilling water from streams).

      Happy trails :)